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Innovations, Investments and Energy Efficiency

As part of its investment program Inter RAO commissions new power generation capacities.

The new generation facilities are constructed with the use of the latest technologies. Inter RAO is focused on ensuring maximum reliability and fault tolerance of equipment at its facilities, maximizing their energy efficiency and reducing their environmental impact.

Investment Projects*
First/second-tier subsidiaries and affiliates Project Expected year of launch Type of investment Installed capacity (expansion), MW**
JSC Inter RAO — Electric Power Plants Construction of CCGT-420 (Unit 12) at Verkhnetagilskaya TPP 2017 New construction (CDA) 420
Permskaya TPP: construction of Unit 4 (PGU-800) 2017 New construction (CDA) 800
JSC TGK-11 Replacement of PT-50-130 turbine with T-120 turbine at Omskaya СHPP-3 2016 Modernization (CDA) 120
BGC LLC Construction of CCGT СHPP-5 in Ufa District of Bashkortostan (including Power Units 1 and 2) 2017 New construction (CDA) 420
Table data includes the revisions pursuant to the Executive Orders of the Government of the Russian Federation of 30.12.2014 No. 2784-р and of 02.02.2016 No. 132-p revising the list of power generation assets used to deliver capacity under Capacity Delivery Agreements;
Column data provided according to Capacity Delivery Agreements